Offshore Wind Farm

DACC supports offshore wind farm developers with the following professional services to achieve the best cost effectiveness in making ocean green power a reality.

Outsourcing management of onshore/offshore assembly

We provide outsourcing management of the wind turbine tower assembly works, onshore and offshore. Globally certified resources shall be provided to meet project specifications.

Anti-scouring protection installation

DACC is a proven sub-contractor for anti-scouring protection engineering for offshore wind turbine generators. We provide cost-effective scour protection services locally for any international installation teams.

Crew Transfer and Logistics support

DACC can arrange and support crew transfer and materials shipment logistics during and after installation project.

Shipping Agency

We provide best quality of shipping agency service for offshore wind farm fleet.

Divers Management Service

Depending on each project's requirements, DACC serves to recruit and manage qualified divers to carry out designated subsea tasks.